Broken people

They are everywhere. On TV. In the neighborhood. In the shopping mall. In your family. They are broken, those broken people. Their heart is broken, so is their soul.

Broken people don’t have the strength to fight anymore. They want to quit. Want to give up. They do not know what will be next. Think it will be better. Do not know it will not change a thing. Oh, those broken people seem to have such different stories, different hearts and broken souls.

Broken people are the same. They all have a broken heart. A broken soul. Are broken people. Don’t they know what broke them? It was neither their friend nor themself. Nobody broke them. Nobody broke those broken people. There is just one thing that breaks people. Communication.

Broken people are not broken. But their communication is. They run. And run. Run into being broken. Broken, looking for some tape. Some glue. It might last until the next rain washes it away. Then they are broken again. Broken people cannot unbreak themselves.

Broken people cannot be found alone. They are surrounded. Surrounded by broken people. They feel alone, broken. It would be so easy to make their hearts one again, reunion their souls. Some words. Some talks. Some emotions. Love.

Those broken people can be healed. Broken people heal each other. They know what it feels like. To feel lonely in the biggest crowd. Broken. On their own. Broken people live in paradise, cannot be found in broken places because the people from broken places are more than broken people.

Broken people choose to be broken. They think it is easier to throw broken things away than to repair them. It is easier to start a new relationship, a happier life, if you want to be broken again. You cannot run from being broken. All you need is: talk. Respect. Love. Talk. Honest. Talk.

They are everywhere. Will stay everywhere. Except, those broken people start talking. Let us not be broken, let us be one heart, one soul and take all those broken people with us into a world without broken people.


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