Jungle Steps

And there I was. Facing this huge jungle. This adventure. I knew I had to take the first step.
I knew it would be worth it. Anticipation. Anticipation drown in fear. What if…?
I was afraid of the unknown. The snakes. The snakes under the leaves and wood.
Taking the first step, looking down on my feet. Am I prepared for this?
My feet covered in sandals. Only sandals for a walk on a path covered completely with leafs and stones.
Not knowing, not seeing where the snakes might be.
I was careful. Scared. Walking in fear.
Choosing every step carefully. Watching out for snakes.
I was looking down on my feet. Looking down to keep them safe. Keep me safe.
Head down. Walking. I could not see anything of the jungle except the ground.
The brown ground. Coverd in dry, old leaves.
I could not see the abundant species of trees. I did not see the monkeys up there.
I was missing all of it. Just to keep me safe.


Walking and walking. I already crossed half of the jungle. And, I have not seen anything.
And there it was. A small clearing of trees. A stunning bay. The ocean breeze.
For the first time I saw something. I saw the beauty of nature.
And there I was standing. Up high on the cliffs. Realizing that I missed so much on the way up here.
The bay was not the end. It was pretty, of course. But I did not take that long walk just to stand in front of the ocean.
I should have taken it to experience all of it. The walk. The jungle. Not just the bay.
The break on the cliffs took a few minutes. The walk. Some hours.

And there I was. Walking back to leave the jungle. I did not know how long it would take. I did not know the way. All I knew is that I would stop looking on my feet.
It was so good. So good to actually see the jungle. Not missing anything.
Realizing it is about the jungle, not the break at the bay.
And suddenly my fear was gone. I did not need to look down on my feet.
I did not need to keep me safe. I knew I was safe. I’ve been safe all the time.

Knowing that no snake could harm me opened my eyes. Literally.
I began to soak all the beauty of the trees. The jungle.
I missed half of my walk because of fear. To keep me safe.
I was not able to keep me safe. I could not even see.
Faith. Faith is what I dropped before taking the first step.
I did find it at the bay. Not because of me. But because of Him.
He opened my eyes, to see the jungle, not the bay.
He keeps me safe. Guides my steps. Jungle or bay. No matter what.


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