Up there

Everybody wants to reach the top of the mountain. They want to be up there. They want to have the best view. The view of all. Being above everything, seeing all the beauty of nature. Of life.
Everybody wants to be up there. Nobody wants to go up there. They want to fly, use some kind of magic. They would do everything to reach the top. Except. Walking.
They do not want to move their legs. Taking steps. Too exhausting. All they want is to be on the top. This one stunning picture. Just to put it on social media. To get more likes. Just to say “I’ve been there”.

So all these people stand in the valley. Facing the mountain. Their dream. So near.
Some of them start walking. Some of them even quit before they’ve started.
Walking and walking. Questing if the view will be worth it. It takes forever. The mountain too steep. The path too narrow. The air too humid. The backpack too heavy.
They don’t want anymore. They turn around. Go back. It is easier walking down than walking up.

They think they cannot do it anymore. The fog makes it impossible to see the path. To see the top.
They are not willing to fight for what they want. They do not know what they … Just walk back and check off the next bullet point of your bucket list.

The top is so near! Just a few more minutes. I am the only one reaching the top. Nobody was patient enough to keep walking with me.
I was not alone at all. I had the same thoughts like the others. But He told me to keep going. He guided me through the fog. He told me to be patient.

It is the best view ever! Stunning. I cannot believe the beauty of nature. His beauty. And here I stand. The sky turning pink. The valley 360° around me. Underneath my feet.
Me. Alone. On the top. Him.
This is my reward. For walking. For being patient. For trusting.
They cannot expect getting the gift. The view. Without walking. It does take effort. So do not complain.

It took some time. It was exhausting. But.
The view. Priceless. Up there.


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