What do they think?

What do they think? Do they hate us?

Wow! What a hard question to answer. How do you answer this question? A question a 14 year old asked. What do you say when the answer is too hard to cope with?
What do you say when you don’t know the answer for sure?

Why don’t they like us?

I feel so ashamed. Getting this question in a western country.
Knowing that she has the right to get an answer. The right to understand what is impossible to understand.

Can you explain it to me?

To be honest, I can not. The truth is not fair. Not for a 14 year old.
Not for an adult. Not for any human being.
It can’t be explained. There is no excuse, no answer to a cruel fact.


I am so sorry. So sorry for a child needing to think of this question.
Sorry for not having an answer.
Sorry for all this.

What do they think?

They do not think because if they did then you would not need to ask this question.
They know less than you do.
They do not care.

And what about you?

You are wonderful! Your questions tell so much.
I wish I could take you those thoughts.
I wish I could make it possible for you to live without asking:
What do they think? Do they hate us?

I guess I can not. I will give my best though. For you. And your friends. And your family.
And even if they do hate you, the love around you will keep you going and I know one day they will be the one asking questions and you will have the answers.


Please be aware of the consequences your words or actions might have! Nobody should need to ask those questions. Keep in mind: we are all humans!



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